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Gutwein Quality Doors, Inc, Inc possesses renowned expertise in the area of garage doors and garage door openers in the Fairbury region. Its team has been working for several years in the field of sales, installation, maintenance and repairs of complete garage and overhead door systems. Do you have a project? We can guide you by offering solutions which meet your specific needs.

Does your garage door need maintenance, repairs or a good adjustment? Our seasoned technicians are skilled at identifying the cause of malfunctions and will know how to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently. To maintain the optimal functioning of your garage door, we have developed and implemented an “annual tune-up” residential program. This means that you will never again fear unpleasant surprises and that you will have a sense of security. Don’t wait for your car to get stuck in your garage because your door isn’t working. You don’t have time to deal with it? We’ll do it for you!

Do you have a problem?
We have the solution!

Does your garage door opener…

  • Make a bothersome thudding noise?
  • Not work?
  • Open and close by itself?

Does your garage door…

Does your garage door:

  • Not open?
  • Close improperly?
  • Not reverse direction mechanically?
  • Seem very heavy to open?
  • Stop before touching the floor?

Then contact us! You can trust us with all your garage door inquiries and we will be sure to fix your problems rapidly and correctly! Here is what we can take care of:

  • Noisy garage doors
  • Broken springs
  • Broken or bent rollers
  • Broken garage door cables
  • Bent or misaligned tracks
  • Safety inspections
  • Replacement of sections
  • Garage door hardware overhauls
  • Maintenance

Whatever request you may have, we will make your door work!

WHY US? Because we:

  • As certified Garaga Experts, meet the highest levels of professionalism.
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  • Are qualified technicians and installers.
  • Are courteous, rapid and thorough.
  • Give the best advice because we know our products from top to bottom.
  • Are a BBB Accredited Business
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  • Cover the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.
  • Serve: Bloomington, Pontiac, Champaign, Dwight, Chenoa, Forrest, Fairbury, Gibson City and Normal.
  • we can be quickly reached online to schedule an appointment.
  • Fix any brand of garage doors or garage door openers, and replace parts and accessories.

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  • And last, we love what we are doing!

Things you should know about our “annual tune‑up” program

When you have a garage door installed, you want the system to work correctly for the longest time possible, be secure, and most of all, not cost time and money! Avoiding these problems and unforeseen costs is no secret! A garage door system should be made up of quality components. Furthermore, it should be installed by qualified technicians. Last of all, it should be inspected regularly according to the frequency of use of your garage door.

Maintaining your garage door regularly is equally as important as maintaining a car or an important household appliance. Remember that it’s the largest moving part of your house. The garage door is becoming more and more commonly used as the principal entrance to your house.

It is therefore important to follow the maintenance recommendations for your new GARAGA garage door. At Gutwein Quality Doors, Inc, we can assure you peace of mind by offering you an “annual tune-up” program for your garage door.

Our tune-up program for your residential garage door is comprised of 10 major verification points:

  1. Inspect, lube and adjust rollers and hinges
  2. Inspect, lube and adjust torsion springs and all plates
  3. Inspect, adjust and balance extension springs (Note: Garaga strongly recommends the installation of security cables with extension springs.)
  4. Inspect and tighten nuts and bolts
  5. Inspect and adjust lifting cables
  6. Inspect and adjust tracks (alignment and wall attachment)
  7. Inspect and lube exterior frame and door bottom weatherstripping
  8. Inspect and adjust door opener’s electrical components including trolley
  9. Test and adjust all security systems (mechanical or photoelectrical)
  10. Inspect and tune remote controls & door opener accessories

When should you do this tune‑up? Preferably before winter or at least every 18 months. It’s a bit like doing your before-winter tune-up on your car.

For your safety, don’t try to make any modifications to your door yourself. Get the professionals at Gutwein Quality Doors, Inc to come do a complete inspection of your garage door system. We are renowned for our competence and our knowledge in this field. Call us at 815-657-8173 and together we can plan your personalized annual tune-up program for your garage door.

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