An out-of-date garage door can pose a real danger!

Updating your garage door

You see it every morning when you leave for work and then again when you arrive in the evening. You tell yourself “It’s no big deal. It makes a lot of noise, but it can wait a little longer. After all, when I press the button on the remote, it still opens and closes.”

That being said, yes… you can wait a little longer and get by with your old garage door. But what risks are you facing that could put your safety and that of your loved ones in jeopardy?

Here is what could result from your decision to postpone your purchase.

Before anything else…

It is crucial to remember that your garage door is the largest moving component of your home, and consequently, it is important that it works safely and especially when you need it the most.

A second point that is too often overlooked: the garage door can take up from 20 to 45 % of the facade of your house. It is the first thing we see when we pull into the driveway. An old, shabby, and poorly maintained garage door may give visitors a less than stellar impression of you and the rest of your residence.

The spring system is… crucial!

With an old garage door that has almost never benefitted from proper maintenance, it is likely that the spring system, also called the counterweight system, for raising and lowering the door, is not properly adjusted. The usable lifespan for springs, whether torsion or extension, is approximately five to seven years.

Another point you should be aware of is that a 9-foot-wide garage door can weigh about 140 lb. (63.5 kg) and a 16-foot door (2‑car garage), around 260 lb. (118kg). A garage door opener can easily lift a garage door weighing up to 350 lb. (159 kg), but don’t overlook a major fact. It can also push down the same weight and that’s where the danger arises. If the photo‑eye safety reversing systems don’t work correctly, this can cause serious accidents.

As reference information, know that if the spring system is working properly, a correctly balanced garage door will weigh between 8 and 10 lb. (3.5 to 4.5 kg). To determine this, pull on the emergency cord to disengage the door opener, and lift your door with just one hand. If you are not able to, contact us immediately. Do not try to repair the problem yourself because the spring system is under very high tension. You could seriously injure yourself if you are not experienced in garage door repair.

Tighten nuts and bolts… before it falls!

A source of noise from an old garage door can come from nuts and bolts that are loose. Look closely at the hinges and the system that holds the tracks. If needed, securely bolt these parts.

And the rollers… are they rolling smoothly?

They are called rollers because that is what they should do – roll, and not slide. If they have become “square”, it’s time to change them. Additionally, if you see that they are about to come off the shaft that holds them, don’t delay! Have the needed repairs done right away.

If everything seems to be working well, then the metal parts should be properly lubricated.

If your garage is even somewhat damp, rust will do its work and some metal parts of your old garage door can wear out prematurely. By giving a good lubrication to all metal parts (springs, rollers, tracks), you will extend their useful life and their good operation.

And what about your door opener?

If your door opener is over a couple decades old, it is quite likely that it isn’t equipped with an automatic reversal system. Such a system reacts by automatically reversing its path if a person or animal passes under the door while it is descending. Unfortunately, it still happens that accidents involving children occur when one or both inversion systems fail to work correctly.

If your garage door opener was made before 1993, we strongly recommend replacing it. This will ensure that you and your loved ones are safe at all times.

Also, there have been advances in technology!

With the increased presence of the Internet in our lives, garage door openers have been brought up to date! Since 2014, LiftMaster’s MyQTM advanced technology allows you to open and close your door from wherever you are on the planet. The MyQ system lets you remotely check if you have indeed closed the garage door, especially on those mornings when you left in a hurry to get to an office meeting.

We can help you get a clear idea of what needs to be done

If you are tired of dealing with the problems of your old garage door, contact us 1-866-319-8173. We would be pleased to go over the full range of garage doors and door openers available on the market. We will advise you on the best choice to make your garage as safe as possible. We can also send you a quotation by email.

Another option is to visit us at our showroom. Want to visualize a new garage door? Then use our Design Centre to choose the style that suits you best. At a loss for ideas? Then take a look at our image gallery to spur your imagination.

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