March 2, 2018

Why should I install a sectional door on my shed, barn or small garage?

Why do i need a sectional door on my garage, shed or barn?

You are building a shed or small garage yourself, or having it built, and wondering if it would be a good idea also to add a sectional door to it. Is it really worth it?

Let’s take a look at 4 good reasons to install one.

Before you get started…

To be able to install a sectional garage door on your shed or small garage, a minimum size must be respected so you can lift the door up under the roof. Your shed must have at least 112 ft2 of floor space, meaning about 8 feet wide by 14 feet deep. As well, there should ideally be at least 5 inches (127 mm) of headroom over the head of the door, plus 2 more inches (51 mm) if you are installing an electric door opener.

The advantages

  • Instead of having two 36″ X 78″ wood or steel doors that open outward, by installing a sectional garage door you remove the necessity of removing the snow in front of the doors in order to access your shed.
  • But you say you can open the two doors inward. Yes, but then you will lose some storage space on the side walls. A sectional door that opens by moving up toward the interior of the roof allows you do maximize the storage space in your garage.
  • If you put two access doors side by side, you are limited to a maximum width of 72 inches (or 6 feet). If you would like to store a snowmobile or a 3-wheel motorcycle like a Spyder, you will need to be very skillful to get it into the shed.
  • With a sectional door, you can install an electric door opener, which isn’t doable with two access doors. Just imagine riding up on your motorcycle and, instead of getting off it, you can just use your remote to open the garage door…

Okay, I’m convinced… What options are available for me?


They are numerous. For the door dimensions, the minimum width is 4 feet (1.2 m) and it can be as wide as you want, to the nearest inch (25 mm). The most common door heights are between 6′ 6″ and 7′ 0″ (1.98 and 2.1 m).

Door designs

Once again, the products are quite varied: flush, with thin lines, rectangular embossed designs, or even with decorative overlays reminiscent of arched carriage doors of the 50s. A popular option is to coordinate your shed door, both color and style, with your main garage door.


Why not add some? They shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if there are no other windows on your shed. Add a touch of elegance while also coordinating with your main garage door.

Decorative hardware

If your garage door has an arched or carriage-house style, add decorative hardware that is reminiscent of hinges and handles in wrought iron found on traditional swing doors. What’s more, they add a touch of refinement and charm that never goes out of style.

And if I want more information?

Contact us anytime at 815-692-6690. We will analyze your needs and determine which product suits your project the best. If required, we can email you a quotation.

You can also meet us in our showroom. Go ahead and use our Design Centre to choose the door style that appeals to you the most. Also view our image gallery to get lot of ideas.


I am looking for 2 small garage doors. 4’ wide by 4K’ tall. I’d like it to roll up on a track

Hello Matthew, Thank you very much for thinking of Gutwein Quality Doors for your small garage doors! We do have garage doors for sheds. You might enjoy reading this FAQ For a quote and friendly advice, could you please contact us at Fairbury: 815-692-6690  or Toll Free: 1-866-319-8173

i only have 90" max height. do you have a 6' wide that will fit?

Hi M. Shaw, would you please give us a call at 815-692-6690? It will be our pleasure to help you with your garage door.

I am building a lean to shed 11 feet wide and 7 feet deep with a 4 foot door opening that is 6 feet 2 inches tall. It has only 3 inches of headroom. This does not meet some of your size requirements. Any suggestions?

Hi M.Jensen, we would like to ask you more questions about your project before giving you an answer. Would you give us a call at 815-692-6690? Thanks.

I have a shed with two 3’ barn doors and need to have a larger opening to store a vintage car.
My desire is to have a 7’ wide garage door installed, this will handle my needs; is this doable?
I can send pictures and measurements to see if it will work.
I’m in northeast PA which from what I’ve read on your site is out of your area. So if you could recommend some one in my area that would be great.

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