Glass garage doors – designed to be versatile

glass garage doors

It’s becoming increasingly popular to turn a part of our backyards into an area just as inviting as our living room while being sheltered from cooler temperatures, if need be. This way, we can extend those comfortable summer evenings longer, or even throughout the year, enjoying a hot tub, pool, or just taking in the beauty of nature.

A garage door can be used as more than a 4th wall for a garage. An all-glass garage door, like Garaga’s California, can also serve as a partition or curtain wall. They can be attached and bolted to a solid wood structure. What’s more, you can use one or two overlapping doors. This way you can create a summer kitchen or living room where you can entertain friends and family right next to your pool.

You, too, can create the feeling of a fashionable bar-restaurant by installing all-glass garage doors. A wide‑range of glass choices for them is available to you, such as clear, blue -, green -, bronze - or gray-tinted, satin… up to almost 20 different types of glass depending on the level of privacy you require. For safety, it is recommended to use tempered glass for both single and double-paned windows. In case of breakage, this means it will break into many small pieces, like a car window.

To give you an idea of possible applications, we have browsed the sites Houzz and Pinterest. Here are some of the projects completed using all‑glass garage doors, either fixed or operational.

behind pool
You can create a wonderful living space right off the pool… what a great idea!
see garden
Creating a safe and secure space for the whole family can be done.
What could be better than having your friends over for a good meal in a stunning setting?
living space
Increase your backyard options and expand your indoor living space.
family room
A year-round family room for enjoying the great out-of-doors is at your fingertips with a glass garage door.
industrial look
Glass garage doors can be overlapped with no problem, even if your roof has a slope.

Are you interested?

If you love what you’ve seen and read here, contact us at 815-692-6690. We’ll be happy to talk with you about the benefits of glass garage doors, and if you like, we can even send you a quotation via email.

We’re always happy to see people at our showroom, too. Come and see us so we can talk about the full range of glass garage doors you can choose from. We’ll help you to make the right choice. You can also make use of our design center and browse our image gallery.

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