Find out 5 ways to save money on your next garage door

Saving Money

None of us wants to be handed a $250 garage door repair bill just for having a broken spring and some worn rollers changed. However, you can avoid this type of unpleasant surprise by following these wise tips.

Choose a quality garage door system in the first place

Like the saying goes, you get what you pay for! If you buy a lower quality product, you shouldn’t expect everything to work great for 10 years without a few surprises during that time. So, don’t be shy to ask about the thickness of the steel used in the hardware proposed to you. Get clarification as to why one component is better than another, as well as why some exterior weatherstripping stays more flexible in extreme cold than others.

The same goes for the quality of the door: how thick is its steel exterior; what type of insulation is used in making its sections; if you have a double garage door, does the door thickness play an important role?

If issues of product durability and protecting the environment are important for you, remember that a well-made, high-quality product will last longer and won’t need to be thrown out for many years.

Have regular maintenance done on your garage door

Like other moving components of your home, your garage door deserves a little time and care during the year. If it happens that your garage door is new, meaning you bought it within the last two years, and you use it normally (3 open/close cycles a day), you don’t have too much to do for these first two years. However, it you hear a strange noise, out of the ordinary, look into this situation and try to identify the source of the problem.

On the other hand, if your garage door is over two years old, a wise idea is to have a garage door professional give it a proper tune‑up within the next 12 months. They often provide a 26-point program that involves checking, adjusting and lubricating your complete door system.

In the meantime, it is suggested to lubricate those hardware parts that move against each other, meaning the springs, rollers and hinges. Another recommendation is to lubricate all the exterior PVC frame weatherstripping with a silicone-based lubricant.

Don’t wait for a problem to worsen

“Oh, don’t worry about it! My door opener is more than able to open my garage door.” Through procrastination or a lack of garage door knowledge, several homeowners neglect having their garage door repaired when it’s time to do so. You should be aware that the majority of service calls made by garage door specialists concern the spring system. Either the spring was broken or so worn that it no longer could serve correctly as a counterweight for the door.

Whenever you see or hear something abnormal concerning your garage door, don’t wait for the conditions to get critical before you do something. Call an experienced garage door professional immediately.

Trying to repair everything by yourself is not the solution

Everyone should stick to what they know. We don’t entrust the job of installing an electrical outlet in our basement to a dentist, do we? The same applies when getting your garage door repaired. Yes, you can prevent surprises by keeping a close eye on how it is operating while also lubricating it as we explained earlier in this blog. However, don’t forget that your garage door system is under high tension. Whatever you do, don’t change a spring or a broken cable by yourself. Serious injury could result.

The “spring – drum – lift cable – bottom bracket” system is connected together, and the tension placed on these components corresponds to the total weight of the door. This weight may vary between 130 and lb. (60 and 180 kg) depending on the width and its composition (wood, steel, all glass, etc.).

Select a company with an excellent reputation

We all agree that having repairs done first by experienced professionals is more economical than choosing the least expensive one in town who needs to come twice to correct a problem they didn’t see the first time. Even worse is when these folks tell you that the problem is very serious and you’ll need to change your whole door system.

Do business with people who a friend or relative can recommend to you, one where they have many years of experience and numerous satisfied customers. If in doubt, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion to be sure you and they understand the problem.

Remember this…

Whenever needed, you can contact us at 1-866-319-8173. We can prove to you that we are the real garage door specialists in your area by showing you the reviews we’ve received over time. A service call will rarely be resolved over the phone.

For a well-done, professional repair job, we will make an onsite evaluation of the work to be done. Then, we will send you a detailed, written quotation by email.

If you choose to change your garage door, or just to get an idea of what a new door would look like, try out our Design Centre, or peruse our image gallery.

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