Need CARRIAGE HOUSE garage door inspiration… you’ve come to the right place!


The words “carriage house” conjure up feelings of a gracious, classic era of warmth and luxury. Images of the countryside and of craftsmanship. Just these words attract us to the lifestyle…

This nostalgia for the past, including those country-style swing garage doors of the 50s and 60s, made a reemergence, starting around the year 2000. It has become a way to capture that feeling of yesteryear, of a rural existence… but while living the urban life. Manufacturers of metal garage doors have followed the trend and adapted their doors to give the appearance of wood, but without the drawbacks of that material, chiefly related to maintenance.

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How to tell that a garage door business isn’t serious

It’s not always easy to know at a first glance if a company in the garage door business is serious and competent. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the whole barrel. A bad experience with one operation may leave you more than wary. It can also undermine the credibility of all the other garage door specialists who perform their jobs professionally and only want to provide you with work well done
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Garage Door Openers 101 by Gutwein Quality Doors, Inc

Electric garage door openers unquestionably make our lives easier, especially that day when, on the way home, an unexpected rainstorm is certain to drench us if we so much as open the car door. Though they last a long time, and thus don’t need to be changed very often, the day may come when you need a part replaced following a service call, or ultimately switch out your old worn-out one for a newer model. Here are the terms used by garage door specialist when talking about garage door openers.
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Garage flooring: what are my options?

Let’s be honest…your garage floor takes a lot of abuse and shows signs of wear pretty quickly compared to other floors around your home. Tire marks, oil stains from all the equipment you store in the garage, bikes, sporting equipment…and let’s not forget the dirt from your car!
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A garage door dilemma – should I fix it or do I need a new door?

Quite a few reasons may cause your garage door not to operate smoothly or even straight out stop working. To help you recognize your situation and make the decision to repair or replace part of or the whole door, here is a clear guide.
Are abnormal sounds coming from your garage door? Has it stopped working like it used to? Maybe tomorrow or even later in the season would be best to see about fixing or replacing a defective part… However, you could be risking your safety!
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Glass garage doors – designed to be versatile

It’s becoming increasingly popular to turn a part of our backyards into an area just as inviting as our living room while being sheltered from cooler temperatures, if need be. This way, we can extend those comfortable summer evenings longer, or even throughout the year, enjoying a hot tub, pool, or just taking in the beauty of nature.
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Reinforcement struts – what is their purpose?

If you have a double garage door, let’s say a door 16 feet wide, you probably noticed that there is at least one U-shaped steel bar attached using hinges to the inside of the door. You are sure they must be there for a reason and had to have been manufactured that way.
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